Madame Brielle

Madame Brielle is at most things a typical lady of the court. By day she attends the queen, answers her letters, plays the piano and makes a lovely companion.

But there is something different about this lady in waiting. When the night falls she covers her face and surprisingly, at that moment, all the masks come off.

Madame 1

She changes personality as quick as she changes colors: blue, pink, green- she is conceited,  joyful, kinky. She is all of these and much more…but only until dawn.

Madame Brielle is a costume for stilts. She moves elegantly while 8 colors of her skirt change smoothly. It is a perfect costume for any festivity, corporate event, wedding or carnival.  Excellent  for open spaces or big halls, as she is very noticeable, even moreso in the dark.  Madam Brielle has a friend so she can appear alone or in a pair.


For those who are curious, a little preview…